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April 29, 2013


Even in it's present state, I can see the charm of it. Cannot wait to see all you do to the place. Love the sitting room -- so nice and bright.

I think it has some beautiful details and great bones! The fun part will be putting your own stamp on it:>)

Thanks for sharing! Love the new place, it seems to have loads of charm :)

Oh, oh, oh! Checking in for my Friday post and I see I have TWO TWO house posts to catch up on! A banner day for me!

Loving the house tour, you're doing a wonderful job explaining the lay-out. I only got confused once, and that was immediately cleared-up when I saw the next pic and read the description for it.

I agree that even its "just purchased" state it is lovely... filled to the BRIM with potential!

The sitting room light... to die for. I'd love to sit there curled up with a good book and a cup of tea.

SO HAPPY for you, Andrea!

Thanks for sharing. It will be nice to see all the special touches you will bring to your home. I'm looking forward to seeing the progression.

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