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March 30, 2012


Welcome Back... you were missed!

Welcome back, indeed. I have never felt your blog was "slapped together" or stale. I especially like it when you show us stuff around your home, inside or outside...like the chickens and the scenery.

Hey Andrea...Good to see you back. I think Happy Birthday wishes are in order?

I've always enjoyed the lifestyle aspect of your blog - it's the way most of us live. And your Friday links are always fun to explore.

The suggestion of planting jelly beans is brilliant. In a couple more years our granddaughter will be old enough for that. Thanks for sharing.

WELCOME BACK! My lunch breaks have been so boring without you!

Welcome back!! Your blog has been missed....

Yay! Missed you!!

Yay! She's baaaack! I like your blog just as it is. Missed you.

I am so glad you are back. I was concerned that you might have fallen victim to my usual blog-curse: I find a blog I like and visit it, and shortly thereafter the blogger decides they don't want to blog anymore... And I want to hear what you have to say - a mixture is good as far as I am concerned!

Frances, I thought it was my fault!

Echo the remarks here - good to have you back, and please keep the mix of topics. I really enjoy the variety. :-)

Glad to see you're back! I enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures you post on your blog.

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