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January 04, 2012


Wow! That looks right up your alley!

What pretty sparkles.

About the oatmeal post. I grew up eating oatmeal porridge for breakfast, and fed it to my own children on occasion, but I just cannot stomach it any longer. I will cook it for my husband, but hate even washing the pot out. I'll eat granola, but not porridge.

Your idea is brilliant, though, for those who eat oatmeal.

I like the oatmeal post. Im going to make them tonight, if I can take my eyes off the sparkles on today's post!!

I liked the oatmeal post too. Having it for breakfast tomorrow actually. I LOVE your hand me down sparklies! One looks like a sparkly pretzel and there is something that looks like a stick pin. I have a few old stick pins...we need to bring those back.

I'm so sorry I didn't comment when I first saw this because I was late for an appt. and then blanked. It piqued my interest though. Simply BRILLIANT! I've tried the instant mixes (too sugary and salty) and can't always go the longer route so this is ideal! Truly sorry for not commenting earlier Andrea!!!
As far as sparkles, I've got a boxful and haven't done anything with it. I'm slowly coming out of the mists of a long marriage and divorce and your blog posts are really a great inspiration to my imagination!

So stinkin' pretty...what a bonus for you!!! I am not creative AT ALL with these sorts of things so I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

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