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September 20, 2011


The chicken and pesto shells look awesome! Can't wait to try them! Another favorite of ours: Tacos in Pasta Shells. I don't think I have frozen them but I have frozen the Italian ones (that you hated LOL). I don't see why they wouldn't freeze well. Not sure how to send the recipe here. I will email this comment too and you can let me know if you want the recipe.

We are trying SO Hard to not eat GMO foods, and are staying away from meat as best we can. So planning a meal each day is an endless frustration - much less stocking up for the future. How wonderful it would be to have a freezer full of lovely things already made and vegetables from the summer to eat during the cold months. (I live in Michigan!) Congratulations on your efforts so far!

Andrea, another book you might want to look into is: Fix, Freeze, Feast, I took it out of my library when it came out. Perhaps your library has it too.

Ginger, I'm with you. I've been trying for a more vegan lifestyle (because I feel and look better - not to mention losing weight). It isn't easy when you have a husband that prefers meat. :) However, I have some recipes that might help you (though my goal is to button down dinner planning better). Let me know if you are interested. Lisa - pnsy3@aol.com

Wow! Your freezer is stocked and ready! My cousin does that group meal thing. She has a bunch of homeschool mom friends and they all make huge meals and then they share with each other. She really likes it. Works for her and her family of six.

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