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May 22, 2011


LOVE it! You are so clever!

I especially like your improvement on the button-great idea to dress up a plain button.

Beautiful package embellishment. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, SO PRETTY! This is a great idea. I just need to get over my hatred for the mess glitter makes. This might do it. :)

OK. Its so back to the thrift store I go. I need to re-purchase the crepe paper I bought and then dontated as I couldn't find anything to make with my stash.

Isn't that the way things go sometimes. Beautiful flowers, and thanks for showing us how to make them.

blessings, jilly

Looove this! I am going to buy a million colors of crepe paper to go with the million colors of Martha Stewart glitter I have sitting around. I thought that was some fancy schmany expensive button there. You have some smarts up in that pretty head of yours! <3

very pretty!

OMG. That is amazing!

Very nice! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Sharon

Great ! Just great. I never knew what to do with all the crepe paper laying around. I will create a garden :-)
Thank you bunches!!!!!!

Oh - this is just absolutely adorable!!!

Of course, we love all things glittery around here and these flowers are just so beautiful.

Wow totally unbelievable what one can do with crepe paper!! Thanks for sharing

Just wanted to add my "WOW!!" to the bunch...this is a very unique and lovely embellishment! Thanks for sharing how to make it!

A-Flippin'-dorable! I LOVE it!

Love the flower!

By the way, I followed some links that you have listed on the side of your blog. One of them - Mimi's Toolbox of Tips and Treasures - sounded interesting. When I went to the site it was just a big bunch of advertising.

Thought you'd like to know.

I saw your flower on Pinterest and wanted to pop over and tell you how pretty it is! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

LOVE THIS!!!! Can't wait to make bunches of them!

Thank you, dear Andrea! I've tried it and it was so easy following your instructions. Thank your for the great work!
Big fuzzy bear hugs, Biene

I was googling flower tutorials looking for something that was easy but also nice looking - your flower exceeded my wildest dreams! Can't wait to get busy!

I loved your free range chicken post - I have 5 ladies but keep them in a pen. I wonder if I dare let them out...we have lots of neighborhood cats though and a fox or too! :(

Absolutely gorgeous!

Absolutely Love It!!!! So awesome, so easy and SO CHEAP for such a beautiful accessory to a gift box, a greeting card, a scrapbook page, and even a little embellished wooden box or paper mache letter! There are so many uses for this!! Thanks so much for sharing.

What a lovely flower! And thank you for the tutorial - I used it and the result is here: http://teapotcreations.blogspot.com/2011/09/floral-experiments-continue.html

Andrea, I would like to share your pic and send my blog friends to your tutorial. May I have your permission to do that? I will put the link to your blog, give full credit etc...I found you on pinterest and love this idea.


Oh THANK YOU! I LOVE this tute! I am crazy about pretty presents and will use this great idea for sure.

Have a wonderful week....


This is sooo pretty. Love how delicate it looks. Thanks so much for sharing the tute

I am soooo impressed. Saw this on Pinterest.

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