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April 11, 2011


You did it! Those look great. I'm sure you will have "renters" soon. We're all booked over here - with a waiting line!

They look great!! Awesome job you two!

Beautiful!! Absolutely lovely ~ I hope the birds appreciate your efforts. You did a great job ~ the distressing adds so much charm!

I love birdhouses and feeders, especially on posts and turnings (those are the only kind we can have around here-- the limb on the Doug Firs are way to high up to hang houses or feeders.) xo ~m

Love your view! I asked my husband to scoop dog poop yesterday, he scooped the poop into the little pan, it, the rake, and the poop are sitting by the front door. Guess I should have been a little more specific!!
I'm so jealous!! Lucky you!!

Looks spectacular! Like they've lived there forever. The birds will make haste to such lovely accomodations. Tell DH "great job!"

Are you sure that one isn't a double car garage? What kind of car does a bird drive anyway? They are both charming!

So sweet!

A good use for an old porch post :) The birds will soon move in.

I found the cutest collections of birdhouses. This one is one of my favorites! http://www.youruniquehousedecor.com/FREESTANDING-VICTORIAN-BIRDHOUSE_p_1053.html It is under $20.00! Donna

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