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November 08, 2010


I'm guessing you can't stick a chicken in a warm pail of water? Just up to the business end's business area? I would have paid good money to see this transpire. Oh the things that happen on your Chicken Ranch. :)

So was this a ritual you knew you would get to enjoy before you bought the chickens or after?

We once had a dog with over active anal glands, every time I took him to the Vet Tech to have them cleaned she would say, "I could teach you how to do this, it's real easy." Best $12 I ever spent...


Here is some information on the problem. We used to trim away a bit in the back for our small poodle who had the same delicate problem.

Classic post!!!! ha ha

You are definitely living the good life!
Wipin' a chicken's poo!
The last photo with the chickens is so pretty!

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