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February 25, 2010


Great machine!! The hours slip away when you get to create with it - I am sure!

I started a new blog where stories will be published about the farm and the animals if you enjoy reading!


Well, I am glad to hear that there is nothing in your head. Since my sinus surgery, there is nothing in mine either. Don't fret about the blood pressure meds--they really do work.
Good for you for repurposing your dining room! Much better use of that space.
Those daffodils are breathtaking!

Puffy or fluffy you are still my favorite thing on two feet! My medicine box could beat up your medicine box with one arm tied behind his back.

The daffodils look like flowery sunshine.

I am so jealous of your flowers, it will be months before ours get the nerve to pop their heads out of the ground. It appears as if you have decided to "live" in this house, good for you!

I loved this post, thanks for the smile.

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