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January 19, 2010


Hmmm....yes, why is it so expensive?! xxx

I love to bake biscotti. It is almost impossible to mess it up!

This looks fantastic and I love Biscotti. Thanks for the recipe. I'll definitely be trying this one.

Biscotti is easy to make and even easier to eat - yum!
Yours looks gorgeous!

hmmmm, I'm thinking of giving this a try. I've had biscotti once and it didn't appeal to me, not sweet enough, but your recipe looks pretty sweet, one cup sugar to two cups flour. Although I'm still thinking about making those egg rolls you blogged about once upon a time and have yet to get to those. I did send that blog to the Pioneer Woman for a contest, but since you didn't mention it and I didn't hear from her we must not have won.

Your mixer is so pretty and looks lovely in your kitchen!

so fun to make huh?! I made some chocolate/pistachio biscotti for Christmas, and they were a hit!

Your mixer, she is pretty! I think even I could make this stuff. I'll let you know if I chip a tooth or not...

Yeppers...SO easy...I make various types of buscotti as my DH is sicilian...
I found a great recipe for "soft biscotti". My neighhbir gave me one for "double chocolate biscotti"
I dunno why its so expensive either, amybe the double time baking???
Gael from...http://gaelt.blogspot.com/

And I can't even get past the fact that you have a pink KitchenAid! Lucky you!

I'm with you. Biscottis are seriously easy to make but come off so elegant. I'll have to try this recipe.

I'll have to try this...yum!

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