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June 08, 2009


Brava!! Brava!! Your corn fritters were the highlight of my week. Wonderful. I could have eaten them all.

I hope the frying blisters have faded. What you do for your family....

Well now, this sounds yummy. Might have to try it.

Those look yummilicious! Now do you have a suggestion what I can use to wipe the lick marks off my screen?

Yummm..This sound so delicious. They look so yummy too. I might actually attempt to make these for the upcoming family get together at my house. I hope I can get away with it. I know my family woule appreciate this recipe.

I will be making that recipe for sure. Servings enough for 14 people ought to work for just Dennis and I.

I asked my hubby if he'd ever eaten corn fritters...he said, what are they? Those look delicious...not for people counting calories, to be sure, ha! I may have to try them. Thanks for posting it...I love recipes, even though, it seems I'm cooking less and less these days.

Yep, yummy! I made them tonight and Hubby was in heaven! Thanks for the recipe!

This was so funny. Loved the envelope covered in grease splatters. I saw this on PW too. First time visiter to your blog. Thanks for the laugh. They look so good by the way. I will give them a try. Will wear googles.

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