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February 26, 2009


Good for you! What a great way to look at it, too-after 30 days it will be a habit instead of a chore. I hope it brings you even more success than you are hoping for.

Glad to hear your hubby is recovering well. How long will he be laid up recuperating?

Good for you! I've been thinking the same thing...I need to exercise! Now I need to do more than just think about it!

You go for it! I want in too. I need the motivation (online and otherwise!)

Oh I do hope you reach your goal. It does sound very energetic, though. I need a lie down after just reading about it!

Go for it!

I have been doing my own "program" involving stretches, stairs & 3 pound dumbbells for almost 2 years now. Everyday I also walk in the good weather or ride an ancient exercise bicycle in the winter. I wanted it all to be stuff I could do on my own & not have to go to a gym. I also made some diet changes.

Yes, it has now become habit & not a chore. & believe me---I'm not exactly what you would call "athletic" by any stretch. When I don't get to do it, I feel rotten! & when I eat too much crap, I feel rotten!

The "side benefit" is that I have lost about 14 pounds and kept it off, plus I'm not afraid to show my 52 year old upper arms any more! With using just puny 3 pound weights! It really works!

Just think if I'd started sooner...

I wish you every success!!!

Good luck Andrea. I need to start doing more to get into shape.

best wishes to Rick. Shoulder surgery is hard, I helped my yoga instructor recover while her husband was deployed. She did spend a lot of time in the recliner, and upright walking around. Hope he's feeling better.
I started taking flax seed oil and fish oil capsules and it seems to have helped with jump starting MY weight loss. It took a few days to stop the fish burp, but it's worth it.
I'm also contemplating getting a jump rope.
Have you seen the new pics of Michelle Obama? Those arms make me want to do what she is doing!
The whole weight thing is so agonizing. Why do some of us struggle and others don't? It's horribly agonizing to know I am riding the heck out of my stationary bike every other day, and I'm still the same weight. It's the anxiety meds I guess. Fat and happy or thin and miserable?

Not fair, this weight thing. I'm really hoping that science can figure it out before my girls grow up and have to deal with it!

One week ago I stared fast walking on my treadmill again. I walk for 1 hour and if there is a good show on TV - the time goes very quickly. I also keep increasing the incline - just a tad everyday. I don't want to hate it. It is starting to become a habit for me since DH does not usually get home until later in the evening. Only lost 1 pound though. I still need to curb my eating.

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