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January 30, 2009


I like to use Amazon's used books for ordering too. This last one looks interesting.

What's us with the magazines? I am a magazine junkie and have subscriptions to all those and also Cottage Living which is also folding. Got to find a new vice.

I have ordered penny books and found them to be in good shape.

Andrea, I share your grief for these magazines. I posted about Country Home's demise a few weeks back.

I knew ME Companion was in trouble, and I mourned Cottage Living before the holidays. I hope Country Living can hang in there.

I miss the original Nancy Lindemeyer Victoria. The Hoffman rebirth is flat and shallow.

I feel your pain! My two favorite magazines are Home Companion and Country Home. Thanks for the book ideas. I'm always looking.

All the books sound great. I saw Neil Gaiman on TV the other day talking about his book and immediately decided I had to read it.

May I read the sweet potatoe pie book?

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