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December 17, 2008


What a gorgeous collection of photos! I am lookign forward to christmas break after Friday. It will be nice to admire the tree, and relax, wrap gifts and spend time at home.

Oh lovely! Thanks for sharing them!

Yes, Andrea, ENJOY your family and rest your spirit....in 2009 you can just WOW our socks off! Do have a great, happy and GLORIOUS holiday season!!!! Pat

Wow, this makes me cheery xoxoxo Clarice

Whew...I was afraid I overstepped these vague blog lines of friendship.

Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures.


Hello! I just found your beautiful blog! Thanks for the silver polishing tips. I like my silver a bit tarnished, but it does eventually get to dark and I will definitely use your tips. I see one of my Flickr photos is in your Christmas inspiration collage- thank you! It is very flattering.

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