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October 28, 2008


ROsie is a love, very sweet. I need to work on the wild maniac Georgina, though Giada and Bella are content to be held and pet.

What does your friend do with 12 dozen eggs, weekly?

Hey there! Love the picture of the little girl and the eggs! I'm terrified of chickens....stay away from real ones...but have appliqued a hen and chicks...check out my latest post if you have a minute......I'm trying to like them though...at least yours has a cute name. Enjoy your Fall. pat

Eeeee! You can even hear them peeping! I just want to hold them all! Your Rosie is a real looker. Please give her a little kiss from her southern auntie. Chicks are about the sweetest things on the planet. So does this make you a mother hen now?

I love chickens and if I could have some I would. Also a goat. My kids just look at me!!

Do you still have my address so you can send me Delilah? (I wish! Living in LA can be so limiting)

Well, this spring I became a chicken owner/lover and have fallen head over heels for my Rhode Island Reds and in the last month or so have started to get eggs! You can check out my blog to see my chickens as well as a talk about proper foot wear when dealing with chickens! This is serious stuff!
Good luck with Rosie and your brood to come...

Oh my goodness! I happened onto your blog from Nicole's (Sister's Choice Quilts) and after wandering aimlessly but blissfully I ran onto this picture. Honestly 15 years later this could have been me, with a little more modern plumbling. My job and one of my greatest joys was being resposible for collecting the eggs and washing them off every morning. I had a special pet hen named...what else...Henrietta (I wasn't a terribly original child at that age). This photo really touched my heart and reminded me of some of the greatest delights of my youngest years. Not a bad thing to find on Thanksgiving day. Thank you for opening the door to those tender memories.
OH, I have to mention, the hankies, they are stunning. I have several of my grandmothers and they are so very special to me. Just as I am a stash fabric fondler, I always fondle and "pet" the hankies when I pull them out too. Often tenderly sniffing them to see if they still hold the lilac scent grandma favored. Could be my imagination but occasionally I think I catch a whiff of it.

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