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July 19, 2008


Does your public library have and Interlibrary Loan department? ILL searches throughout the US and will deliver a book to your home library. Try it...it's free and pretty easy. I've never anything by Mary Stewart either, but Rose Cottage looks intriguing. I 'heart' my library, and I'm glad I work there!

FYI: The Egg and I was made into a cute movie. I've read the Beverly Nichols books Down the Garden Path and A Thatched Roof. I want to collect the whole series. I believe Amazon has them. They are delightful!

Andrea, thanks for your book reviews. . . I love reading too - but get so busy that for spells - mine hardly get opened. Your reviews have made me determined to dust them off & get back in the habit - (or really a gift to myself) of making time for reading. (& check out some of your suggestions!)
As far as being in a country, cottagey, English kick. . . I completely understand. . . I've been on one for years now!
xo, Bren

Mary Stewart is one of my favorite authors. You must try to find some of her early books - Madam Will You Talk? The Moonspinners, This Rough Magic, Nine Coaches Waiting... most are written in the 50s, so they have an innocence about them. Oh, and if you don't mind another recommendation and you're looking for out-of-print books anyway, try The Bishops Mantle by Agnes Sligh Turnbull. It's long and wonderful!

if you go to www.worldcat.org put in beverley nichols and down the garden path,enter your city info, it will give the closest library that has the book you want. i do not know where you live so guessed with santa rosa. it listed marin county free library in novato, ca as the closest at 30 miles. the least expensive copy found so far is on abebooks.com of $4.12 with $5.20 shipping. good luck!

My sister read Down the Garden Path a while back and loved it. I've been meaning to read it when I whittle down my stack a little.

My sister read Down the Garden Path a while back and loved it. I've been meaning to read it when I whittle down my stack a little.

Ok, Rose Cottage it is! Will be looking for that one. I am sure enjoying your blog.....and I find your "hangup" on keeping the bird cage door open makes total sense. Pat

Have you tried paperbackswap.com? You make a list of books you want and books that you want to get rid of--all you pay for is the postage to send books to other people who request them. I've gotten lots of great books that way, and, when you're done reading, you can always swap the book away again!

I have The Country Life in my pile of books next to my bed, waiting to be read. Now, I'll move it to the top!

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