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June 09, 2008


I think you make an excellent point about hos very little DIY and thrift there is in the book. She does hire everything out. Lisa is reading Heat right now, and loves it!!

Okay I had this book as a give away a while back. I did enjoy the book. BUT thrifty please (in my valley girl voice) !!!! This kills me. I see this all the time. What are supposed to be thrifty rooms and there is no way I or my friends could afford them. Heck I have to cut my own hair and look for 12 dollar jeans. She totally annoyed me (I hope she does not read this post ;-) Clarice

I adore books...soemthing so wonderful about holding the written words in your hands verses the computer! I inherited my Mothers collection of books recently. She loved to read mystery's ...so now my book cases are over flowing...which to me is a good thing!

Thanks for the book tips. I'll look them up at the library tonight!

Good Idea for the books. I buy used books also especially the ones I'll probably only read once. I'll have to see if I can find this one, looks interesting.

You are so right about the "thrifty" rooms!

Great post Andrea. I think your new Book Report category is a terrific idea. Thanks to you, I read Animal Vegetable Miracle and it has had such an influence on me!

About this "Creole Thrift" book......yes, it's good, but I didn't buy it. I did spend some time looking at it at the local book store. And, you are right.....she has people!!! I got the same feeling from it that I did when Oprah told us if she could lose weight, we could. While that is true, decorating and dieting, it seems to me,
are much easier when you have PEOPLE to do all the crappy parts, then hand you the finished product, such as a spiffy mirror or dinner! Jokingly, my sister always tells me...have your people call my people. Wouldn't I just...if I could only find them. I really enjoy your blog, keep it up. Pat at birdnestontheground

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