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November 02, 2007


Wine is amazing just on it's own but in such a sweet little giftbag~~it would be too good to open!! Can't have that!! LOL!!
Great project. . .I love to give things in pretty packages~~you should try to market them for, hmmmmm, $28.00!!!!

Hey, You go girl, those are way better than Joannes crap, ahh yes, crap. I hate Joannes, wish I had another choice sometimes in the same zipcode for crafty goods. Why do they have the monopoly? They suck, and because they are the only "crafy" place within 10 miles ( a lot of addresses),they have the rule. I have been in line there, at least 30 people in line, ahhh about a 50 foot line. Thats terrible on a Tuesday afternoon, come one. People are gumbling in the lines. Sorry for grumbling here. I love what you did with the bag!!!!

What a smart cookie you are, I love it. I wonder whose wine is in there ?????
xoxoxoxo Clarice

You are so talented Andrea. Your work looks good. I agree $29 is a bit steep and you made it for $4!

What a great idea, imagine the profit that magazine is making, because they could probably make them for a lot cheaper as well.

How crafty you are!!! I love the bags. I saw them in the magazine too but I didn't think about making them myself. Thanks for the great idea. I agree you should sell them for $28.00!!

The wine bags are really neat! I like the blue snowflake one. What a great hostess gift if you get invited to a Holiday party. Maybe you can add sparkly bubbles to the glass and bottle one for New Years Eve hostess gifts. Great ideas!

I made those wine bottle covers one year and they were a really big hit!

Now that is a great idea! I love the idea of making a half dozen or so of them and using them at blind wine tastings.

I love this!!!!
We shoudl hire you to make Bonfire logo bags for us!!!

Brilliant...and they can be foofed up or made so that my husband might carry one...such a good idea. thank you for sharing. Susan

I love wine totes and these are great! I think they make nice little gifts.

This is such a better idea than the usual wine gift bags. I especially love the one with rhinestones.

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